A site-responsive sound piece and visual voyage by Enrique Ramirez
Premiered within AMIFF (Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival)
October 19th, 2018


During one single journey lasting three hours, the local speedboat Stjernøy transforms into Tidal Pulse, a temporary world emerging from the aftermath of the environmental crisis, interweaving the abyss and the cosmos into a new history of the future. The engine of the boat, its heart and its lung, will guide us like a rhythmical voice through the nightfall and the waters. Our pulse will be soon in sync with the tides and the undertows. Other beings will share space with us intermittently, leaving us to reach smaller islands called by the names of uncharted planets. We will see daylight merging into darkness, geographies blurring. Strange critters will emerge from the depth of the oceans. We will slowly drift into another dimension.