Founded in 2014 by Alessandra Bergamaschi and Vanina Saracino, OLHO is a curatorial project whose aim is to research and explore the relationship between contemporary video artworks and Cinema. Our initial and leading query focuses on the way in which the architecture of an immersive space can frame, influence and redefine the experience of an artwork, specifically concerning time-based art and the moving image. Our aim is to research, analyse and finally bring together, in carefully curated sequences, video works that rethink the language of Cinema, creating exhibitions conceived to be displayed in movie theatres and other selected venues. This immersive visual experience is the starting point for expanded projects and lectures, with the aim to build a transdisciplinary dialogue and inviting professionals to contribute. OLHO is articulated in an annual and itinerant cinema exhibition, and additional screenings and expanded cinema projects, curated in museums worldwide.